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Moon Channeling

Channeled Message from Selene

Channeled by Myke Wolf
I am Selene. I am the voice of that which you call your Moon. In a sense I truly AM “your” Moon, because I came here just for you.

I have not always been with your Earth. Eons ago, it became understood that your emotional body would need a cycle to help regulate its evolution. The solar day is too short, the solar year is too long. I was happy to volunteer to accompany you on this journey.

I have watched your great civilizations rise and fall, come and go. But I have RECORDED every emotion, during every lifetime, that you have spent upon your Earth. The human experience upon Earth is an individual journey. Lifetime after lifetime, as you gaze upon me, I reflect your own emotions back to you. I see you differently than you see yourself, because I see you at this moment as the culmination of all the lives you have ever lived.

I create the tides of your oceans. Your own body is mostly water, and in the same way I impulse your emotional body through cycles of growth. The only way to grow through emotions is to face them, and I mirror them back to you for that reason. Do you remember me from generations ago? I remember you! I have not changed much, but my how you have grown!

I am not interested in your great civilizations, because growth upon your Earth as a human is an individual journey. And it is individuals who create and destroy civilizations. All begins with the individual. When you look within is when you experience your greatest revelations. And at those moments I reflect to you those emotions that best suit your own introspection.

I play with you in the astral planes of your Earth. Have you noticed me in your dreams? How do you feel when you look up and see me on a moonlit night? Do you feel our bond? We have an intimate relationship, you and I, and I am here for you, as I was during your very first experience upon your Earth.

I provide the perfect balance for you and the Sun. I impulse you to seek the perfect balance within your own life. Every time there is an eclipse, I am the perfect size to hide the Sun, and vice versa. The eclipse is how we remind you of the importance of balance, and that it can be achieved.

You may tune in to me to help with emotional times in your life. I am always here, and I can best help you when you are the most honest about what you are feeling. Do not judge your emotions; do not deny them. I know all your hopes and fears; your dreams and disappointments; and I do not judge you. I merely record and remind.

Every full Moon, face east and watch me rise as the Sun sets. If you are truly open, I will reflect your emotions back to you. Feel them, love them, let them be expressed. Laugh. Cry. Scream. Sing. Curse. Release. When you are that open, I will guide you. Afterwards, you may notice that I look slightly different to you – because I am reflecting different emotions, a renewed you.

City lights have changed your daily schedules in present times, and you are less observant of my cycles. This has impeded your emotional evolution, from my perspective. If you are ready for emotional growth – call upon me.

You humans love to marvel at your achievements. Many of you love to worship Creator. If only you could see that you are all creators, and that the greatest thing you will ever create is YOURSELF.

I am Selene, and I enjoy every moment of our journey together.
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