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written by Myke Wolf
A channeled message about crystals, and how to use them:
Crystals are a METALLIC energy which is very symbiotic with humanity, and which helps maintain a specific CONNECTION between humanity and the Earth.

Crystals help to ensure that humanity does not REGRESS in its evolution, by retaining and reminding of the pasts which have already been EXPERIENCED.

Crystals ENCODED with the history of humanity are now rising back to the surface in this timing to help us integrate our past, and progress.

Crystals communicate with the Moon, helping us to focus memories of the past to emotionally RESOLVE them. Crystals recharged by the light of the full Moon become a powerful tool for emotional confrontation and release.

Crystals are like pets – they become focused upon, and become a specific focus for, an INDIVIDUAL human. Crystals are not optimum for group use when energetically clearing emotional blocks.

Crystals are like an emotional mirror with memory.

When properly used, crystals grow symbiotically with a human’s emotional growth.

Tell your crystal how you feel, and your crystal will help you to achieve EMOTIONAL CLARITY in the matter.
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