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Myke Wolf
Myke Wolf - Author, Create from Being: Guide to Conscious Creation
Myke Wolf - Author, Create from Being: Guide to Conscious Creation
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Myke Wolf

Conscious Creation was, at first, hard for me to accept – due to my religious upbringing. However I have always had a strong sense that there was more to life than meets the eye. Even as a child I questioned what I was taught, and didn’t receive answers that satisfied my curiosity. I have always had a need to understand rather than simply accept.

My spiritual journey, my quest to understand how Life works, began in earnest in 2005. I was having a mid-life crisis: I had just completed another cycle in my life – ended a relationship, left a career, and moved to a new city. Once settled in, I looked around my new house. I was back at yet another starting point. Time to setup the new home, get into the new career, go find and build a new relationship – maybe this one would actually work out.

But I felt drained – not that I didn’t have the energy to do it all again, I just didn’t see the point. I had already succeeded in career, had beautiful homes, and enjoyed a great deal of vacation travel. It hadn’t satisfied me before, why would it be different this time? Certainly there must be more to life than this! I felt as though I had simply been going through the motions, doing what people do. I had already built the life I thought I was supposed to have, but it felt empty. Why do it all again? Deep within, I knew that joy would only come from a more purposeful approach to life.

So instead of repeating the past, I followed my impulse to explore spirituality. I bought and read books on any topic that caught my eye; went to psychics for readings; learned to read runes and tarot; and joined spiritual groups to share ideas with others. I immersed myself with a newfound enthusiasm that seemed to grow the more I learned. My waking hours were spent immersed in what I was learning. The more preoccupied I became, the more my life started to change. People, books, conversations, and clues began to find me on their own. As I focused my curiosity on a topic or question, the answers began to simply come to me in a variety of synchronistic ways. Life began to seem strangely interactive, and that in itself was oddly comforting.

I felt a strong curiosity to explore past lives, so I began to see a hypnotherapist for past life regression. I wasn’t really convinced about reincarnation at that time, I was exploring anything that raised my curiosity. I was unprepared for the emotional intensity of the memories that surfaced – my lifetime as a Native American in the 1700’s, and the crisis and loss that I experienced in that lifetime but was never able to express.

That first session had an indirect but profound effect: I was no longer afraid of death. The odd part about that is I wasn’t aware I had a fear of death. The experience of having seen my thoughts and feelings in another body hundreds of years ago filled me with a solid realization that my soul, my consciousness, is immortal – it doesn’t die with a body, it simply moves on to the next lifetime. I suddenly found that I had a more relaxed attitude towards all of life in general – I was no longer pushing myself so hard, and I began to carry less worries.

Then I began to hear my spirit guides. While in the shower one day in 2006, I suddenly realized that those “random” thoughts bouncing around in my head were a conversation – and I was only part of that conversation! Without realizing it I had been talking to spirits. How long had that been going on? As I taught myself to listen, I became introduced to a handful of spirit guides, each with their own voice, personality and areas of interest.

I was very excited to discover I was clairaudient. But my spirit guides are very esoteric, while I tend to be very literal, and it took time to acclimate to their messages. Even now when I read those early messages I have a better understanding of them now than I did a year ago, like a flower that blooms slowly so you can enjoy it over a long period of time. They were remarkably patient with me – teaching me about my life, and my role in it – Conscious Creation. They taught me to see my connection to everything that I attracted into my life, and how it all works. They also taught to me explore – to change how I approach life, and to see how it changes in response. There have been countless truly amazing moments over the last several years – and I finally feel satisfied that I am now living a more multidimensional life.

This website is for sharing what I have learned about Conscious Creation - as I have learned it from my spirit guides, and from observations of my own life. I hope that something here will help you to attract a happier and more fulfilling life for you, as well.

Love and Enjoy the Journey – for YOU are creating it ALL!
Myke Wolf, Author
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