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Mary - Of Building Dreams ----->
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Mary - Of Building Dreams

Mary channeled by Myke Wolf
This message from Mary beautifully explains how Conscious Creation works
Of Building Dreams.

Of what are dreams built? Desire. Dreams do not spring from will nor intent; rather they ORGANIZE will and intent in order to bring those dreams into physical being.

Know your desires in honesty and in full acceptance. Allow your imagination to create your dreams from pure, unadultered desire. See them clearly, feel them completely.

The rest, the doing, is easy.

When you want those dreams FOR others as well as for yourself, then you have magnetized them, and created a support system to assist in the creating, the doing, the bringing into form and tangiability.

How, then, to “do”? Invite your dreams into daily life. Accept them as a current work in progress. BEGIN to live with your dreams as part of your reality.

How? By FEELING the vibration in your life today which most closely matches the vibration you seek through the realization of your dreams.

Each day you live with full acknowledgment of the similar vibration in your life – that vibration GROWS (within your focus) until it has expanded into a version of your dream.

And here we use the word “version” because the Universe IS creation, is founded UPON creativity, and seeks to delight you always with a UNIQUE version of your dreams. For when you are most clear and honest (with Self) of your desires, then what you are visualizing is your joy upon EXPERIENCING your dreams. Creation is an INTERACTIVE process – there are other energies and consciousnesses involved, and so what is created and presented into your awareness will always BE a more ACCURATE version of your heart and soul’s desire than your MIND is able to visualize.

It’s rather like Christmas morning – you are HOPING for a new bicycle, but your senses will be excited to discover whether it is blue or orange, what the seat feels like, and how FAST it can go: exploration.

And in the exploration of your creations do you begin to LEARN now about the creative paths of the Universe, and how the DESIGN of the Universe interacts with you directly in the creative process.

This, my friend, is when one learns the joy of eternity – for it NEVER, NEVER becomes predictable – eternity is an adventure to be savored without end.

EXPLORE your creativity; sing joyfully about your present life, and all that you find pleasant in your everyday experiences – sing from your heart and from your soul. You will continue this path of elation until it is all you can see about you. And all those who are in resonance, and able to remain with you, within your bubble, will experience the same (or rather, THEIR version of it!) For no two experiences ever have been, or ever will be, identical, within the framework of this existing Universe.

You will learn to unite your mind and your heart as one, to share your dreams and desires together. It is in the learning and the mastery of this that creations become faster and more complete.

This is a high-level skill indeed, achieved only through creative experimentation.

So bear this in mind, and begin to explore the divinity WITHIN you – the birthright of Earth humans is the ability to create, and to be fully and completely supported in this endeavor.

Remember at all times that it is YOU who brings creation forth into new forms to be experienced by you and by others.

You have clarity of intent and purity of heart, and these are required for honest creation – meaning, creation of that which you would actually ENJOY the most. For the mind is not always clear nor aware, and yet the heart is heard by the Universe to express most purely the deepest desires of the soul.

For there is an internal process, an automatic one, of the soul’s desires passing THROUGH the human body itself, to be created into this reality.

The Earth herself is, through Ascension, creating an ever greater environment for the support of the creativity of humanity.

Be very clear within yourself about WHY you want them – this grounds you within the body as the desires are translated through the dimensions into physicality: the human body is DESIGNED as an instrument of creation – to create within this realm and upon your Earth, specifically.

You may watch this entire process from start to finish – and you then will begin to realize the creator that you truly are.

We watch in fascination – so many beautiful shapes and colors and textures hover around you – which will you choose? Where will you begin? What will you love into being?

For, ultimately, what you will conclude is that it indeed IS love which IS the creative force in your galaxy, and beyond into the greater Universe.

It takes SO little love, so few creators, so little joy, to completely change humanity and to return humanity now to its former glory – and beyond.

The greatest joys you will ever experience here will be the combined joys of humankind’s growth.

Now go! Choose – bring forth – create – and share what you have learned about the powerful and empowering creative nature of humanity!

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