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Here are my answers to spiritual questions I've been asked. If you have a question, ask me at the bottom of this page.
Teresa of Oceanside, CA asks:
How do I go about releasing self-limiting beliefs?
Hi Teresa, belief systems are created with thought and can be released the same way. We came into this world without limiting beliefs, and at some point along the way we created them, we made them up. We form a belief based upon how we perceive and interpret a situation. When you encounter a belief that feels limiting to you, ask yourself why you believe that and re-evaluate. You may be able to recall a specific incident that started or reinforced that belief. Confront it.

Stubborn beliefs may take intentional action on our part to \“prove\”. This is where courage can be exercised, and spiritual growth is always achieved in the intentional use of courage.

The beauty about confronting and changing limiting belief is that it produces noticable change in the kind of experiences we attract – because we have different expectations for life to reflect back to us.
Vicki of Florida asks:
As I am learning about conscious creation I want to teach it to others. How do I go about introducing my adult children to the concept?
Hi Vicki, remember that your children already ARE creating and attracting everything that they experience. Perhaps try suggesting they examine how they have created and attracted what they already are experiencing. If they have the desire for change and different experiences and opportunities, then they may be receptive to conscious creation principles.

Example is always the most effective teaching method, by inspiring others to want to learn. I might suggest that when your children, or others, are surprised by something wonderful that happens in your life, you could point out to them how you created it.
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