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Love springs eternal from within, not without, and to discover this is the source of the greatest joy there is
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Death, Afterlife & Reincarnation

Your consciousness – the soul – is immortal.

We have walked the Earth before this lifetime, in another body, and another time. Our lifetimes are cumulative – we build learning, growth and skills from lifetime to lifetime. We have innate preferences, tendencies and beliefs accumulated from experiences in prior lives. Yet we usually do not consciously remember our past incarnations, in order to remain focused on the current life we’re in.

Life is continuous. We return to the spirit world between lifetimes to regroup, evaluate the life based on the goals we set for ourselves, and plan our next lifetime’s goals.

These articles discuss what I have experienced and learned about what death and the afterlife are like, and what past life regressions taught me about the soul’s journey.
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What Happens After Death?
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