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To be human is a spiritual experience from a physical / emotional / mental perspective
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Channeled by Myke Wolf
I see you and I know you.
You ARE me and I am IN you.

It is through your realization that I discover myself.
It is through your choice that I explore myself.
It is through your wisdom that I understand myself.
It is through your love that I feel myself.
It is through your breath that I live.
It is through your creativity that I expand.
It is through your being that I am.
It is through your search for me that I am defined.
It is through your interaction with All That Is that I experience myself.

I contain you and you contain me.
We are not the same without each other.
The more that you explore yourself, the more you find of me.
It will take you all of eternity to locate me, only to discover that you have been me, all along.
This is the purpose and the meaning of existence to discover that you ARE me.
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