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What Angels Do and How They Work

channeled by Myke Wolf
In the course of daily life, angels are always at the ready to assist. Nothing is too large or too small. Their response is instant, and always delivered in love, and in a loving manner.

Angels dive into the HEART of a matter, so do not expect them to act exactly as requested. Merely FOCUS them upon a situation and leave the “how” to them.

They will usually choose the lightest, softest, and least-invasive approach to unraveling a situation.

Angels work with the rays quite extensively in order to ensure a NATURAL resolution to a situation. They also realign frayed energy patterns. When something suddenly takes on a clear, cool, refreshed feeling or appearance – it has probably just been touched by an angel.

Certain angels are dedicated to work with individual humans, while many others work in teams to help maintain the energy patterns of the planet – very often “cleaning up” after humanity, which keeps them very busy!

Angels never act outside of their prescribed specialty, and will always act within God’s directives.
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