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Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

written by Myke Wolf
Even if you’ve never asked this question, you’ve certainly heard it before. And it’s not a rhetorical question – there is a real and solid answer for it. I would like to offer my answer to this seminal question.

But first we need to do something: we need to correct the question, because from a spiritual perspective it has some flaws. It’s written from a powerless, victimhood perspective, which is not truth, so there isn’t an accurate spiritual answer for the way this question is worded.

Here are my three corrections:

1 – “bad things” is a human, subjective judgment. All events are created and intentional, and serve a purpose. We don’t always understand the purpose right away, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. In fact, one of the Universal Laws is: “there must always be a purpose to your present reality.” So nothing CAN be created without a purpose in this Universe. Let’s take the judgment out by replacing “bad things” with “things we don’t enjoy”.

2 – “good people” is another subjective term. Who isn’t “good people”? All souls are created from love, so all people are automatically good whether we choose to like them or not. (hint: when we “dislike” someone, it’s usually something they did that we don’t like.) And let’s face it, usually the person asking this question really means “why did this happen to ME?” So let’s replace “good people” with “me”.

3 – “happen to” is something that simply does not exist in this Universe. We co-create each and every moment, event, situation and experience with others. We aren’t always consciously aware of this process, but it’s real. So let’s change “happen” to “create and attract”.

There! Now we have the question properly reworded from a more spiritual perspective:

“Why do I create and attract things I don’t enjoy?”

But wait – there’s one more improvement we can make … because from a conscious creation standpoint it is always more productive to focus on what we want, than what we know we don’t want. So when asking the question above, what we are REALLY wondering is:

“How can I create and attract things I really enjoy?”

Yay! That’s a question that can be productively answered.

We create and attract primarily through our vibration. Our vibration is how we feel about life and ourselves and others at any given point. When you feel elated you are more likely to attract exciting experiences; when you feel downcast, you are more likely to attract experiences that reinforce how you are choosing to view life and yourself. Your beliefs about what you deserve, or what you expect to happen, will also influence what you attract. These are the basic principles of conscious creation.

So to create and attract what you DO want simply means focusing on those desires, and achieving a vibrational match with them. How? By connecting with the feeling of what you want, and knowing that you can create it.

To create and attract the experiences you really want in life, become a conscious creator.
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