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The Difference Between Needs, Wants and Desires

Understanding the Law of Attraction

written by Myke Wolf
The Law of Attraction works by bringing us situations or opportunities that match our current vibration. That vibration is determined at all times by how we feel about whatever we are focused upon. Needs, wants and desires are very different vibrations, so it’s helpful to understand the difference in order to attract more pleasant experiences.


A true need is something that is required for us to live. We need food, shelter, and love. In today’s society, money is seen as the abstracted way to obtain these things. So we tend to believe that we need a certain amount of money, which isn’t true – because it isn’t the only way those things can enter our lives in order to supply what we need.

Whenever we focus on money, more often than not it’s because we feel we need more of it for a certain purpose. If you think that you want to live in a larger or nicer home, but can’t afford it, you are now focusing on not one, but two, perceived areas of lack (lack of a suitable home, and lack of financial means to obtain it). What do you expect the Law of Attraction to do? It will dutifully provide experiences that reinforce your belief that you don’t have a nice enough home, AND that you also don’t have enough money – a double whammy. Maybe it’s your car – perhaps you see it as unreliable and believe you can’t afford to buy a more reliable one. Again – you are focused on two illusions of lack, and through the Law of Attraction you will perpetuate those circumstances in your life.

In fact, whenever we are overly focused upon what we believe we need but don’t have, what we are focused upon is the apparent LACK of that thing in our Now, which is an illusion.

Any time that you find yourself focused on something you perceive to be a need, ask yourself: Is this really a need? Do you require it in order to live? Or is it something that you want?

Don’t deny what your needs are – but be clear within yourself about what they are. Do you think you need a newer car? Or a “better” place to live? Or more like-minded, loving people in your life? First, ensure that you are not focusing on the lack aspect more than you are focused upon the appreciation of what ALREADY IS in your life. Appreciation is a great place to begin because it’s a much higher vibration than worry or lack. More importantly it changes your focus to what you have instead of what you don’t.

Am I suggesting that you trick your mind? Absolutely not, because that won’t work. I am suggesting that you be aware (conscious) at all times of where you are placing your focus – what you are ALLOWING yourself to think about – and, very importantly, how you feel or what you believe about that topic.

You are not in control over which thoughts pop into your head; however you ARE fully in control of what you DO with those thoughts. Do you entertain the thought that you need more money? Or do you shrug it off in exchange for a focus on appreciation of what you DO have? This requires discipline, but is very worthwhile. I am continually watching my thoughts and choosing which ones feel better. When you switch mental tracks, so to speak, you can palpably feel your vibration rise – most noticeably this will feel like a lightening of the torso – the chest and solar plexus – as if a weight were lifted. It’s not always easy to feel your vibration, except for when you shift it in this way.


Most of us classify many of our wants as needs. This is an area we can easily improve upon.

Say out loud, “I need a vacation from my stressful job!!!” How does that feel? Wait a moment, then say, “A trip to Hawai’i sounds like lots of fun!!!” Do you feel the difference? Repeat these statements emphatically – mean what you are saying – and you will feel your vibration shift, especially in your torso. Something that you WANT is a higher vibration than something you tell yourself that you “need”, because a want is vibrationally closer to a desire.

It’s good to WANT something, so long as you don’t perceive it as a lack. If you identify that something you want is not a need, that’s a great first step. But are you still focused upon the lack of that thing you want in your life? If so, the Law of Attraction will continue to support the illusion that you don’t have something that you want.

Examine what you want, and why. Can it be elevated to the underlying desire? When we want a certain kind of experience, such as a vacation, there is usually a desire driving that want. Now that we’ve eliminated the illusion that you need a vacation from your stressful job, place your focus upon what you would most enjoy about a tropical island vacation. Close your eyes and visualize. Do you want to feel peaceful as you relax on a white, sandy beach? Do you want to feel adventurous on the open ocean on a jet ski? Do you want to feel excited about experiencing a new place with new people? Peaceful, adventurous and excited are feelings, which carry a higher vibration than thoughts. As you close your eyes and picture how you feel in those settings, can you feel your vibration lift even higher?

When we focus on something that we want, it tends to be a person, a thing, or a specific experience. However when we focus instead upon the feeling that we want to experience in a situation, we are much closer to attracting a situation that provides that feeling. The details might be different, because they will be better suited to what we want than we are able to visualize. The Universe is our co-creator, and she likes to remind us that we can experience that feeling in a very different situation than we picture – because it’s NOT the specifics of the people, things or events that really matter in the first place.


A desire is a higher vibration than a want. Why? Because a want is an idea that originates in the mind, while a desire is a request from the soul. In fact, a desire is transcendental – because it does not originate from the human side of your being at all, but from the spiritual side. A true desire comes up from within, and signals a feeling the soul came here this lifetime to experience.

You will always create more quickly from a desire than from a want or a need, because it is higher vibrational, and manifesting reality happens much faster when the frequency of the desire is higher. As you edit what’s on your mind, replacing perceived needs and wants with desires instead, you will notice a shift in what kinds of opportunities you are attracting into your daily life.

Know and acknowledge your true desires – but do so in your feelings. Before you THINK about your desires, FEEL them. A desire or feeling is felt in the heart, not experienced in the head.

As you acknowledge your desires from within a feeling state, also acknowledge where areas already in your life have a similar feeling, and put focus upon them. If you want to attract a vacation that feels relaxing, exciting and tropical, then focus upon the enjoyment of those feelings in your daily life now. Immerse yourself in experiences that provide a similar feeling, and you’ll be much, much closer to attracting a vacation or other opportunity that matches the vibration of those feelings, because you are choosing to begin experiencing that feeling already – and that will more readily attract more experiences to provide more of that feeling.


You are the creator in your life. If you would like to change what you are attracting, then it’s up to you to elevate your vibration.

Begin by becoming aware, moment to moment, of what you are focused on – what you’re thinking about, and how you feel about that. Where you find the illusion of lack, replace it with appreciation of what you’ve already got. Think less in terms of things or money, and more in terms of the way you expect your life to feel.

When you find yourself wanting something, picture or visualize yourself in the experience to determine what feeling you are seeking, or what desire you wish to fulfill. Place your focus there, again sidestepping the illusion that it’s not already in your life.

And finally, choose experiences that support the feeling you want to increase in your life. Immerse yourself in these experiences, and revel in the enjoyment of the feeling. This connects experiences that you create and attract with your Here and Now, allowing the Law of Attraction to bring those opportunities to you.

The process of Conscious Creation is about being involved and participating in your life, and directing your focus and your choices in line with your deepest and truest desires of the heart (soul). Each time you create, you are connecting spirit (your soul) with physicality (the experience of your daily life) – you are literally connecting heaven and earth to create in 3D an opportunity to enjoy a certain feeling.
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