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In order to keep the creative process flowing, devote time to the dreaming, the desiring, of that which has not yet arrived
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Myke Wolf
Create from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation
by Myke Wolf
Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: March 1, 2016
ISBN-10: 1450594115
ISBN-13: 978-1450594110
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Create from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation
by Myke Wolf
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Abundance of What?
Your Thoughts Are Not You
Pathways to Dreams
The Grand Illusion of Time (showing)
Happiness Is Innate
Removing Judgments from Choosing
Money Is Just A Substitute

The Grand Illusion of Time

We live and operate within perhaps the greatest illusion ever, one that tops anything Hollywood can ever produce – the illusion that we are locked in time.

Time is an illusion with a purpose.

Each day contains 86,400 seconds. Each day is exactly the same length, at least according to a clock. So why do some days seem to drag by, while others seem to fly too quickly for us to keep up?

Time may be a linear construct, but our perception of it, our experience of it, is not. That’s because our perception, our experience, is emotion-based. When we are having fun, time seems to “fly.” When we are worried about something, or when we dread an upcoming anticipated experience, then time seems to “drag.”

Time, or at least our experience of it, is related to resistance. When we resist or avoid something, time seems to slow down for us.

When we try to avoid an experience, it has nothing to do with the experience itself – but rather how we ANTICIPATE that we will FEEL in the experience. There are certain emotions which we don’t enjoy. When we avoid an experience that we expect to invoke certain undesired emotions, then we are resisting it – and time seems to slow down for us.
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