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Myke Wolf
Create from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation
by Myke Wolf
Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: March 1, 2016
ISBN-10: 1450594115
ISBN-13: 978-1450594110
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Create from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation
by Myke Wolf
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Abundance of What?
Your Thoughts Are Not You
Pathways to Dreams
The Grand Illusion of Time
Happiness Is Innate (showing)
Removing Judgments from Choosing
Money Is Just A Substitute

Happiness Is Innate

If you believe you are not happy, it is because you have chosen that belief.

Happiness is not a choice, but being unhappy is. I would like to suggest that we are innately happy until we talk ourselves out of it by perceiving ourselves and life experiences in certain ways which we judge to be undesirable. I believe that we are already happy, that it is the natural state of a human being to be happy, and that it actually takes energy to be unhappy, because we must create the illusion of unhappiness and we must sustain it Ė it is not innate.

We often seek happiness outside ourselves, or as a result of experiences. We say that we will be happy if we get a certain job, or if we win the lottery, or if we locate the ideal mate. Yet happiness is a feeling, a state of being, so we can only experience it within ourselves. It is not an emotion, so it is not even connected to the external world at all, so experiences cannot produce it. Winning the lottery can certainly provide opportunities for enjoyable experiences, but none of those experiences can reach inside and make us happy if we have already decided that we are unhappy.

Happiness is not something that can be sought or located, because it is not outside ourselves and will never be provided by the outside world. It is something to recognize or realize, something that is already there, inside, if we clear away and release any obstructions that block it.

We think we are unhappy if we choose to focus upon what we donít have, instead of appreciating what we do have. And in such a case we are certainly likely to create and attract experiences which will seem to confirm that life is an unhappy experience for us, since that is where we are placing our focus.

Happiness is an innate state of being for humanity. Itís already there. So if itís our natural state, and emotions generated by outside influences cannot affect happiness since it is a feeling and not an emotion, then why do some say that they are unhappy? What can cause a disconnection from happiness? Judgment, which is a result of thoughts.

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