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Myke Wolf
Create from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation
by Myke Wolf
Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: March 1, 2016
ISBN-10: 1450594115
ISBN-13: 978-1450594110
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Create from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation
by Myke Wolf
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Abundance of What? (showing)
Your Thoughts Are Not You
Pathways to Dreams
The Grand Illusion of Time
Happiness Is Innate
Removing Judgments from Choosing
Money Is Just A Substitute

Abundance of What?

What does “abundance” mean to you? The recent western popularization of the topic of abundance has produced a proliferation of imagery including mansions, fast cars, fabulous parties, private jets, chauffeured limousines, butlers, and overflowing bank accounts.

So, what is abundance?

Abundance is having more than enough of that which sat-isfies your deepest desires.

Do tangible possessions such as cars, homes and money satisfy our deepest desires? Maybe. Or, perhaps some of our deepest desires are about how we want our life experiences to feel to us, but it’s easier to picture that in a setting using these tangible things as the backdrop.

We do have a tendency to think of abundance in material terms. When we find ourselves wanting a hot sporty convertible, is it really about the car itself? Or, does picturing ourselves driving that car appeal to a deeper desire? Is it possible that the car represents something else – perhaps freedom, or success, or prestige, or youth, or some other feeling we wish to experience more of?

Identifying what it is that we actually desire, not just the icon that repre-sents it, is very helpful in connecting with those opportunities that offer that experience, even if it’s not in the form of that sporty convertible. And that would also help us to recognize such opportunities as they arise.

Life always IS abundant – with opportunities. Life DOES offer us opportu-nities for what we express that we most want. However, Life is not usually listening to our thoughts about a sporty convertible, but rather to our heart expressing a desire for more freedom, or success, or prestige, or youthful-ness in life. There is no shortage of opportunities, but there is sometimes a lack of recognition of the opportunities when they appear, if they don’t fit a preconceived expectation or image. That feeling for more freedom in life, represented by wanting that sporty convertible, could just as easily manifest in our lives in the form of a sudden and unexpected ending to a restrictive marriage or relationship, for example, or a new job that allows a more flexible schedule. We always do create and attract opportunities for experiences that will provide the essence, the feeling, of our deepest desires – even if we don’t always recognize it at the time.

Life abundantly gives us what we express that we want, through our strongest and deepest desires. However, it will also reinforce what we believe we deserve, and that can prevent us from connecting with opportunities that we have created for ourselves. We’ll discuss that in a later section.

There is also a twist to the topic of abundance. If we focus on wanting or needing more money, and put more emphasis on that than on enjoying what we already have, or if we perceive more money to be a need, then Life will abundantly deliver exactly what we focused upon – the perceived lack of money, not the having and enjoying of the experiences that more money can provide.

As you explore the creative process, it would be useful to recognize that Life interacts with you, providing you with an abundance of what you feel most deeply. Abundance is not something that you need to seek, chase, or create – you already ARE creating abundance in your life. You continually create an abundance of opportunities for experiences that are meant to result in the feeling the way you want to feel. If you are finding an abundance of experiences in your life which you are not enjoying, then you can create an abundance of a different kind within your life.
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