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A gift is measured by the joy it transmits. A gift always begins from the heart, and returns to the heart, of the giver
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Myke Wolf
Create from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation
by Myke Wolf
Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: March 1, 2016
ISBN-10: 1450594115
ISBN-13: 978-1450594110
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Create from Being:
Guide to Conscious Creation
by Myke Wolf
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Abundance of What?
Your Thoughts Are Not You
Pathways to Dreams (showing)
The Grand Illusion of Time
Happiness Is Innate
Removing Judgments from Choosing
Money Is Just A Substitute

Pathways to Dreams

Dream always, and always dream anew: for desire is the beginning of creation.

As children, it seems so much easier to connect with our imaginations and to project fairy tale visions of our future. Sometimes in childhood our daydreams are not easy to separate from material reality, and we readily believe anything is possible. If you donít have dreams for your life, then it will be more difficult to create, attract, recognize, and experience them.

Dreaming is a natural process, one we usually excel at as children. Our imaginations in childhood seem unlimited at times. As adults, it can be much more difficult to reconnect with those dreams, with that imagination. It is far too easy to become boxed in by pragmatism that tells us if we donít have big dreams, then we are less likely to be disappointed if they donít come true.

What are your dreams? And is it possible for you to believe in them? Do you ever take time to imagine yourself emotionally experiencing your dreams?

Interestingly enough, my spirit guides suggest that, for me, the bigger my dreams the better. When my dreams are small, then I begin to mentally try and determine ways that I can physically build up to or create them by doing, instead of creating them from being. When they are very large however, my imagination runs more freely without practical bounds, and I can simply enjoy picturing them without wondering how I can ďmakeĒ them come true. In that way, I can easily access a truer representation of my dreams, without getting bogged down by the mechanics of HOW they can occur Ė since thatís the job of the creative process.

Are you afraid to daydream as an adult? Often itís because we donít want to be disappointed. The way to dream without disappointment is to release expectations of how and when our dreams will transpire. The point of dreams is to produce experiences which will result in our feeling a particular way.
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