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Living in the Now Moment

Why the Now Moment is Important to Conscious Creation

written by Myke Wolf
What is the Now Moment, and what does it have to do with Conscious Creation?
Welcome to the Moment of Now. The past has already occurred, and the future has not yet been experienced. Only this present, Now Moment truly exists – and it is only when we are focused in the Now that we can consciously create and attract a future we want. It is only in this present, Now Moment that we feel, experience, choose, live and create. So obviously learning to live fully in the present as much of the time as possible is an important key to Conscious Creation – a very important key.

What Is the Now Moment?

A moment is not measured in seconds; it is the length of a breath. Each moment contains the unlimited potential to dramatically change your life. The feelings, emotions or beliefs that hold our focus in this Now Moment are what we create from, by attracting experiences that will reinforce those feelings, emotions or beliefs. Do you pay attention to what you are focused on moment by moment throughout the day? Are you aware of how you FEEL about that focus? If you don’t want to feel the same way in the future, then you can change your focus, or how you view that focus.

The Now Moment is also the moment of discovery. The opportunities and events that we have created and attracted appear only in the present. We don’t know exactly how the future will look until it arrives. The Now Moment is truly the point of experience – events occur only in the present.

Within the context of Conscious Creation, the Now Moment is all that really exists. Once the past has occurred, it exists only in our memories. The past cannot be relived or re-experienced. The future does not exist until it becomes the present and we experience it. Until then, the future is merely a set of potentials from which we may choose and attract. The future doesn’t exist until we attract and experience what we have created - until we experience it in the Now.

To be fully present in the Now Moment is to be aware and accepting of our feelings and our focus. Perhaps a good way to understand the Now Moment is to realize when we are NOT focused in the Now.

When are we NOT fully present in the Now Moment?

We are not focused in the Now when we are distracted by something in the past, or something in the future. Once an experience has occurred, it’s done. The words we said, the actions we took, the choices we made, and the intentions we held, all contributed to that past. Since part of our reason for being here is to learn and to evolve, we tend to review the past frequently.

How do we feel in the present while reviewing the past? Sometimes we regret the past, sometimes we relish it. Either way, whenever we think of past events in the present we do so from within a particular feeling or emotion. We usually have an opinion or a judgment about the past – either that it was good, or that we wish something had been different – that contributes to how we feel about that past event. And whatever feeling we hold in our present focus is the feeling from which we are creating our immediate future. So it is helpful to be aware of how much time we spend reviewing the past, and more specifically, how we choose to view it, and how we choose to feel about it.

The same is true of the future, but in a slightly different way. Society requires that we think of the future, make plans, and prepare in order to accomplish certain things. A certain amount of our time is always spent planning for the future. Planning a trip might involve arranging for transportation, lodging, meals, packing and activities, which can take considerable time and focus. What matters most is how we FEEL about that in the NOW while we are planning for the future, since the Now is the only time we create. So if we are feeling excited while planning and preparing for a trip, or for anything else in our future, we will attract a version of that trip which provides experiences that will be exciting for us.

There are times when we tend to worry about the future. Perhaps when planning a trip we are worried about safety, money, time off work, or leaving the home unattended. If worry or fear is our focus, if that is the feeling we are focused on while planning the trip, then we are far more likely to create experiences on the trip which confirm our worries. Worrying about anything in the future is counterproductive, simply because it has not occurred, and might not. If we allow ourselves to become consumed with worry that something undesirable might happen on our trip – such as fear about airplane travel safety – we WILL create an experience that will support that fear. It may not affect us directly – perhaps we simply read about a plane near-crash in the news the day of our travel. So it is worthwhile to pay attention to how we feel about the future, to recognize that is a choice, and to choose a more pleasing future to visualize.

How to Live in the Now

The best description of the Now Moment I have heard from my guides was, not surprisingly, during a discussion about patience (which happens to be one of my life lessons):

Patience is focusing on what is NOW, not what is not YET. Patience is focusing on HERE and NOW. For only in this one, present moment is God’s Plan unfurled, God’s Grace dispensed. Do you see this? It can be the ONLY focus, for nothing else IS.

This does not mean, “do not plan.” But – plan without losing your FOCUS, your FOOTING, in the NOW.

All things are fulfilled in the present. All things exist and appear in the present. All actions and decisions are made in the present. YOU LIVE ONLY in the present. Truly – there is ONLY the present.

This is the key to joy, the release from the burdens of life, and its dramas.

Yet if you understood that the very Universe is recreated anew EACH MOMENT, if you tuned in to what IS all around you, the awe and wonder of Creation would fill your soul like a balloon of joy, and you would rise above it all. You would be occupied, overwhelmed, satisfied. We challenge you to LIVE in it, IMMERSE yourself in it.

You now live much better within the scope of a day. That is great progress for you. Now, we challenge you to live within the MOMENT. For in each MOMENT is the very next moment CREATED. Time itself is created anew each moment, within that moment! Did you know THAT? Can you truly UNDERSTAND it? Can you hold this in your form?

A moment = a breath. It is creation. True time, the entirety of time, is only a single moment long. It is recreated with each breath. The Universe expands and contracts with its own breath, as does the Earth, as does Man.

If you would like to live more fully in the present, you could start by becoming more aware of your feelings and focus in the present. One way is to set aside a period of time each day and simply pay attention to what you are focused on – and how you feel – as you go about your day. Which feelings do you enjoy? What do you want to feel more of? Remembering happy memories will always raise your vibration to help attract more of the same.

The more time you spend immersed in happier feelings, the more you will notice the change when you experience a pang of worry about something in the future that may not ever occur. At those times, remember that it is your option to change what you think about and how you feel about it. This will help to establish an awareness of what you focus on throughout the day, making it much easier to spot where productive changes could be made.

Simply put, you can remain in the Now more of the time by paying attention to your emotions and feelings about the people and events in your Now, and being very intentional about how you choose to feel about them.

Over time you will find that you do indeed create and attract happier experiences when you can maintain a happier focus in the Now Moment.
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