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5 Steps Back Into the Now

Tips for Regaining Focus on the Present

written by Myke Wolf
Since we create only when we are truly focused in the Now Moment, it's helpful to know how to maximize our time there.
The importance of “being in the now” is that we only create within the now moment. We are not “in the now” when we are ruminating about past events, or worrying about something in the future that hasn’t even happened yet.

Most of us in today’s society spend a great deal of time outside the now. We frequently allow circumstances and events, whether past or anticipated, to pull our attention from the present with emotions such as remorse, fear, or worry.

I suggest these five steps for re-grounding into the present, and into a frame of mind which supports the creation of opportunities for circumstances which would be more pleasing to you.

1. See this moment as perfect (lacking nothing).

This is the first step, and it is necessary to fully, fully experience this truth before proceeding.

When life isn’t going the way we think we want it to, it seems contradictory to suggest that this moment is perfect. That’s when it’s helpful to expand our perspective – to admit that we don’t see the full picture, and often don’t realize until later the value of the seemingly negative experience we’re focused on. We tend to take life circumstances at face value rather than seeing the underlying purpose. There IS a reason for present circumstances, and our lack of understanding doesn’t lessen the divinity of the purpose behind those circumstances.

Whatever you may be feeling, work it out. Play out the emotions. For me, something physical like going for a run usually helps process emotions and balance me out. For you, maybe it’s meditation, or some other centering activity.

We perpetuate whatever we focus on the most. Reaching a point of real acceptance of whatever we’re experiencing is necessary in order to see this moment as perfect. Only through acceptance can we release resistance.

This moment IS perfect – and sometimes simply acknowledging that we don’t understand how it can possibly be perfect helps reach that acceptance.

Once we have released the emotions, released the resistance, reached a calm place within, then we can see and feel this moment as perfect – and continue.

2. See this moment as infinite in potential.

Take time to reflect on how many times you have experienced a taste of this truth – how life can change surprisingly and dramatically in an instant. A phone call; a “chance” meeting; a time when you found yourself immersed in the realization that there are moments when life can seem purely miraculous, and stretch your beliefs about what is possible.

Keep memories like this close to the surface. How did it feel?

There is no limit to what we can create, only a limit to what we actually attract and experience because our beliefs form filters that keep us from noticing most of the opportunities we create for ourselves. We go through every day of our lives surrounded by invisible opportunities which we only notice when we attract and recognize them.

Each day is filled with thousands of moments, and each moment contains the potential for us to encounter one of the many wonderful experiences surrounding us at all times. There truly is no limit. It’s our limiting thoughts and beliefs that usually prevent us from attracting most of these experiences. The key is in releasing these self-imposed limitations, and in maintaining a childlike openness to all that life has to offer.

3. See yourself bathed in love.

As adults, it’s easy to see life situations, and other people, in an adversarial way when things don’t go the way that we expect. Seeing life situations as opposition, rather than viewing them as benevolent, loving teachers, keeps a focus on a fear-basis rather than a love-basis.

All emotions and feelings can be categorized as having their basis in either love or fear. Challenges are opportunities for growth. Parents disciplining their children usually do so in love, recognizing the importance of children learning how to interact effectively in the world as they grow. See the Universe as a loving parent offering a challenging circumstance in order to help you grow through it.

Identify feelings, emotions and reactions that are based in fear, and view them from the perspective of the Universe instead of your own limited human perspective. See the love in the situation.

You can physically feel a change in your body as you relax and release tensions. This is your passage into a higher vibration – a state in which you can attract more desirable experiences that you’ve already created for yourself.

4. Remember your dreams.

Reach up and out of current circumstances to remember what you most deeply desire for your life to feel like. See past “what already is” to “what you most want”.

Dreams and desires contain our greatest creative potential. Experiences that you most deeply want to feel are soul-level desires. These are not the experiences we mentally tell ourselves that we want – these are the feelings that remain deep down throughout our lives. These are the experiences our soul most wants to create, attract and experience. Keeping them in front of our thoughts as much of the time as possible helps us recognize the opportunities for those experiences as we create and attract them.

5. Love your dreams into being.

There are two parts to this step: we must love ourselves enough to consider ourselves deserving of our dreams; and we must love the dreams themselves (without criticism or compromise) in order to actually create them.

When we have achieved both, what we’ve actually done is made a vibrational match between ourselves and the experiences we most desire – and the vibrational match is the key to the law of attraction.

We are human, and we do experience life (and all its events) through our emotions; and we process events with our thoughts and our beliefs. Living in a continual state of loving acceptance 100% of the time may not be humanly realistic, but recognizing when we’re not living in this state and in the now moment is conscious creation; and these five steps offer a practical roadmap to getting “back on track” when this occurs.
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