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Conscious Creation
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What is Conscious Creation?

Definition of Conscious Creation

by Myke Wolf
You already are a creator, producing your own life moment by moment. This is not something you need to learn how to do. Becoming a Conscious Creator means understanding how you create so that you can intentionally change your life. To understand Conscious Creation is to understand how Life works.
There are two parts to Life: the experiences that we have, and the opportunity to have those experiences. We all know how the first part works. To have an experience, we simply “do”. When an opportunity for a new job arises – we take the interview and accept the job offer. When we meet someone we are attracted to, we ask them out on a date. When we do these things, we are participating in Life – we are following up on an opportunity which manifested itself into our awareness, because the experience is something that we want.

So how did that opportunity show up in the first place? How did we become aware of that particular job opportunity? How did we happen to meet the person we were attracted to? We created and attracted those opportunities. Most of the time we are not conscious of our role in creating and attracting opportunities.

Society challenges us to grow past the illusion that “things happen” with no connection to us whatsoever. Rising above everyday life allows us to see the patterns, connect the dots, and see that all events lead back to us in some way.

Creation is a process. It is possible to understand this process, become involved with it, and change the kinds of experiences that we attract. That awareness is called Conscious Creation, and it’s the most self-empowering understanding that we can gain.


I like to have things defined. When I first wrote my own definition of Conscious Creation, it was: “participating in your own life choices within the understanding they create your reality.” After having that posted online for a while I decided to ask my spirit guides for a definition of Conscious Creation, and they said:

Knowing that all comes from within.

I had attempted to define Conscious Creation from the aspect of “how to DO it”, because I think in terms of action and doing. Their point is that we already ARE creators, and that Conscious Creation is the understanding that the opportunities we attract are created and attracted by our inner state of being.

To be conscious of the creation process is to be aware that all we perceive as external to us in life is actually a result of our inner state. Do we feel that life is good? Do we feel that other people are trustworthy? Do we believe that we deserve to have things go well for us? Ultimately, we will attract exactly what we expect to. We will attract experiences that reinforce our feelings and beliefs. The term “self-fulfilling prophecy” is a perfect phrase here; just think of all the times you’ve thought, “I knew that would happen!”


So what do we create? Is conscious creation about conjuring up a sports car or a winning lotto ticket? Not usually, unless there is a specific purpose served. Specifically, what we create and attract is:

We create opportunities for experiences designed to produce a specific feeling; these experiences may include people, things and events

Having an experience is about how we feel during that experience – how we experience Self within the experience. It is about the experience itself more than the people, things or events that comprise the experience. To focus on specific people, things or events as something we want to create and attract into our lives is not as effective as focusing upon the specific way we would like to FEEL during the experience.

For example, if you think about going to an amusement park with certain friends and riding roller coasters, you can call those friends, buy tickets, and make plans. However, if you picture how it will FEEL to speed down steep drops and whip around tight curves, screaming in delight as the wind rushes through your hair, you may find the opportunity for such a trip will find you. Perhaps a co-worker has extra tickets to an amusement park. Or perhaps you overhear someone at the grocery store mention a different amusement park with a new roller coaster that’s bigger, faster and more exciting than the one you were thinking of – an expansive opportunity. As you focus on the way you want to FEEL within an experience, it will begin to materialize in your environment in different way until you CHOOSE one of those opportunities.

Creation is a very fluid, moment-to-moment process that is continually occurring, and is shaping even the smallest aspects of our reality. It is a very interactive process, but an extremely simple and straightforward one. We are the ones who complicate it, with layers of beliefs and inconsistent focus that can often prevent us from attracting and realizing many of the opportunities we’ve created for ourselves. So for many of us, the key to changing our lives is not about learning how to create, but learning how to identify and release beliefs, judgments, and inconsistencies that interfere with attracting more enjoyable experiences in Life. This is the focus of many articles on this website.

As you begin to work with the principles of Conscious Creation in your own life, always remember that focusing on how you want to FEEL will provide the most direct path to attracting opportunities to expand that feeling in your life.


Create from Being; Express by Doing

We create and attract opportunities through our vibration. What is our vibration level? It is a signal, a frequency, that we use to communicate with the Universe. At all times we are sending our beacon signal, our vibration, out in waves from our physical body. It is electromagnetic, it is measurable, and it is highly attractive (magnetic). It is unique to each of us, and highly dynamic – it can vary from moment to moment.

It is the frequency of our vibration level that informs the Universe about how we feel. We will attract experiences that are at that level – that match that feeling – through the Law of Attraction. So obviously our vibration level at all times is key to the process of creating and attracting ALL that we experience in life. This is why I often write about feelings and vibration.

Fortunately our vibration level at all times is a matter of choice – this is the “empowerment” part! Our vibration at all times is a matter of whom we are being. This is a combination of how we feel within this moment, and what we are choosing to project.

How we feel at any given moment is fully a matter of choice, although it is common for us to allow preconceived opinions, judgments or beliefs to rule how we feel. Have you ever been in a “bad mood”, gone to a party or event, noticed everyone else was having fun except you – then realized that you could simply let go of whatever was bothering you and have fun as well? Can you feel your “spirits lift” in the space of a single breath? That feeling is your vibration lifting to a higher frequency – you CAN feel it! And – as this example shows – it is a choice.

What you are choosing to project is also highly magnetic. Think of a time when you were so angry that you felt the need to become aggressive with others, verbally or otherwise, maybe to get your way, or maybe to get something back that was yours. When you lose your temper, you are spraying the very low vibration of anger outwards from you. In general, the way that you are with others, and the intention you hold in such situations with others, the way that you feel towards or about others, also affects your vibration – as well as what that vibration attracts. For example, if you treat others in your life with a lack of respect, then you will attract situations in which you are disrespected.


To understand Conscious Creation you must understand time properly from a spiritual perspective. There is no such thing as the past or the future, except in your head.

The past is nothing more than a memory, it no longer exists. It can certainly linger, however, through rumination and contemplation. The events of the past, and how we perceive them, can also lead us to alter some of our beliefs about ourselves or about our lives. We carry the past forward however we choose. How much do you think about the past, and in what light do you see it? How you do feel about the events in your past that tend to recur often? The past cannot be changed, but we can change how we choose to view it.

The future does not exist because it has not yet been created and attracted. We certainly do devote significant energy to thinking about the future – sometimes planning, sometimes worrying, sometimes being excited.

The present moment is the only “time” in which you can feel, choose and act. And it is the only point from which you can create. When we are distracted by thoughts or emotions about the past or the future, when that is occupying our focus and affecting how we feel right now, then we are displaced from the now. When we are fully engaged in the present moment, when we are focused on how we feel about the people and events in our now, then we are creating from that feeling.


Thoughts do not create, although we do create at the speed of thought. Thoughts do play a role, but we only create from within a feeling, not a thinking, state. We never create from thought – only from the feeling we experience during that thought.

Thoughts do not hold the power to create – they are an activity of the mind. This should be a relief – because, unless we discipline ourselves, the thoughts we have are not always our own. That need not alarm you – our brain has a “mind of its own” – it is designed to produce thoughts on its own when we are not directing it.

We create by choosing to focus upon a particular feeling. Feelings resides in the heart, which is the contact point for your soul within the body. The feeling does not reside in the head, and thinking about how you feel is not the same as FEELING IT. Do you understand the difference? The heart is for feeling, the mind is for noticing and choosing.

Feelings are not a replacement for thoughts, they can be experienced simultaneously. Are you able to feel good about life – to feel joyful – while remembering a memory you consider to be painful? Are you able to feel good about yourself while recalling something you deeply regret doing or saying? Not usually. So the choice of thoughts is helpful to feeling good in the present moment. And, the deliberate choice to change the feeling associated with such a memory is both possible and helpful. Thoughts and feelings will usually align in vibration – one will usually influence the other. It is your choice which to focus upon from moment to moment. (HINT: feelings are higher vibrational than thoughts, and will attract higher vibrational experiences!)

For example, as I write this, I mentally formulate the words. But I do that from within a feeling of joy that knowing these things has produced within my life, and the excitement of sharing it with others to help them realize more joy within their own lives. Can you guess what I am creating for myself in this moment? Experiences that will produce more joy and excitement!


The only “gotcha” to the process of Conscious Creation is that we as humans are learning to balance thoughts, feelings and emotions. The things that happen in our minds – opinions, judgments, beliefs, decisions and choices – can interfere with our creative flow. If we don’t believe we deserve something, then we won’t attract it even if we have created that experience for ourselves – because our focus on believing we are undeserving does not match the feeling that experience would have resulted in, and the Law of Attraction does not bring us that opportunity.

In other words, the way that we are shaped and conditioned, the beliefs we have formed based upon how we have chosen to view our life events along the way, can be released to raise our own vibration. This is usually the greatest challenge in becoming a more conscious creator – training the mind to agree with and accept our feelings, and learning to not blow emotions out of proportion.

So as you go about your day, Creator, with a renewed focus on your feelings, on remaining in the now, and on choosing thoughts that support the feelings you like best, notice how your life begins to change …
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