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Spirit Guide Communication

written by Myke Wolf
You are never alone. At all times you are attended by your very own spirit guides. They continually communicate with you, often in ways that you don’t notice. That is intentional – they want to offer suggestions while allowing you to believe they are your own thoughts and ideas, because they do not want to interfere with your free will, or your choices.


Communicating with the spirit world is business-as-usual for indigenous cultures, who obtain advice, plant remedies, and other assistance from ancestors, spirit guides, and animals spirits.

There really is nothing mystical about spirit communication – it is natural for humans. Although you are quite used to looking in a mirror and seeing a physical body, the greater part of you as a human is the soul. Since we don’t see that in a mirror, we tend to think less about the soul as part of our being on a daily basis.

Being human is a spiritual experience in a physical / emotional / mental casing – the body. The soul lives in the spirit world, and is just visiting here. For us to communicate with spirit is perfectly natural, because the greater part of us is spirit. In fact, it’s happening all the time –we just don’t usually recognize spirit communication when it’s happening. There is a reason that spirit communication is at times so subtle: it often is mixed in with our own thoughts in a way that makes it appear to be our own ideas.


When communicating, it is helpful to know with whom you are talking.

We are often attended by the souls of friends and relatives that have crossed over, as well as helpful nature spirits and animal spirits. Even the souls of pets will linger for a while. This variety of souls is often there for emotional support and encouragement, and sometimes for advice. We also have a group of angels that stick with us our entire lives, providing various forms of assistance along the way.

Our spirit guides have a very specific role: to keep us on track with our life goals. I use the word “goals” instead of “lessons” because when my guides told me what mine were for this lifetime, that is the word they used. I like the word better because it suggests guides are more of a coach than a teacher.

Who are spirit guides? They are souls that we chose before being born this lifetime. Usually we have had recent past lives with them, so that from a human perspective they understand us. Instead of incarnating with us this time around, they have agreed to mentor us from the spirit world for this lifetime. They understand the human perspective, yet from the spirit world they also have a wider perspective than we do.

At all times we have at least one spirit guide. During times of rapid growth we will often get new spirit guides, because they typically have very specific focus related to one of our life goals. Once we grow through those lessons, new spirit guides will arrive to begin something new.

Our spirit guides are always on the job, closely watching all choices that we make from the perspective of the life goals we set for ourselves prior to birth. They insert suggestions that look like our own thoughts, because our choices as humans must always be our own. If you could always differentiate your own thoughts from the suggestions of a spirit guide, would you tend to favor the suggestions from a consciousness with a broader perspective than yours? Most would – and spirit guides do not want to influence the choices we make – they simply ensure that we always realize we have options that would take us “higher”. So they allow their suggestions to blend into the background of our own thoughts and ideas.

Let’s look at a number of different ways in which spirit guides communicate with us.


The most direct way to communicate with a spirit is to hear them (clairaudience) or see them (clairvoyance). For me, I did not “try” or “learn” to see and hear them; I simply became aware that it was happening. Then, I had to learn not to interfere. I had to teach myself to remain still and allow the conversation to occur – not allow my mind to interfere or interrupt while they speak.

We tend to hear our thoughts as our “head voice”, an internal version of our speaking voice. We routinely hear direct suggestions and advice from our spirit guides in our own head voice so that we think it’s our idea – then we choose whether or not we agree. My guides helped me to hone my clairaudience by introducing me to a female guide, then a Scottish guide with a thick accent. I learned they all feel different as well, and now I can recognize who’s talking by how they sound and feel.

Even if you aren’t able to differentiate their voices from yours, you can learn to identify when a thought is yours versus when it has been offered. This is quite simple for anyone to do: notice the thoughts that appear in your head. Which ones did you consciously trigger, and which appeared “on their own?”


Have you ever turned on the radio just in time to catch a lyric matching what you were thinking about at that moment? Have you ever been reminded of a loved one by seeing someone at the market or the gym that looked just like them, giving you pause? Have you ever heard a phone or doorbell in your head just a moment before your phone or doorbell rang?

The more you see life from a spiritual perspective, the more you will realize there are no random events – only synchronicities. Spirit guides can use events like this to draw our attention to a person or situation, usually to underscore its importance. That phone call might be especially significant to pay attention to; that person we were just reminded of might be in need of a friend at the moment; that lyric may hold a clue to one approach to the situation or decision we were contemplating at that moment.

Animals are often messengers for the spirit world. Have you recently had a specific animal unexpectedly cross your path? What was on your mind at that moment? Look up (or search online for) Native American animal meanings, and see the connection or message as it relates to your thoughts.

Even the media can provide messages. At times I have found myself astounded to see TV commercials speak about something I had just been thinking of moments ago.


Your body sleeps – but your soul does not.

There are different kinds of dreams, and they serve different purposes. There are “normal” dreams – often these are reviews of recent events that had an emotional impact, or even nightmares. That’s your brain working through things while you sleep.

Then there are experiences. Your soul IS your consciousness, and it is free to travel at night and interact with others. Experiences with other incarnated souls occurs in the astral planes of Earth. There are dense astral planes, as well as lighter ones in which we experience the sensation of flying. When you have a “dream” that is in color, involves you making conscious decisions and observations, and interacting with others – those are soul experiences, not dreams. Sometimes called “lucid dreaming”, these experiences can be quite vivid, tactile and real.

Spirit guides will work with your soul while the body sleeps. These experiences occur in the spiritual planes, which are higher in vibration than the astral planes. I find that guides will place me in a scenario, stand back and observe how I act or react. I call these “future rehearsals” because I often find that within a few days or weeks, a version of that scenario will play out in my real life. I believe that this is where we sometimes get the feeling of déjà vu – because we don’t always remember the dreamtime version, but when it plays out in daily life, the sense of familiarity is almost overwhelming.

Sometimes past life scenes will surface in dreams. When this happens, there is a specific reason that is closely related to events that are currently happening.

Plenty has been written about the meanings of symbols in dreams. I have learned to simply pay attention to how I felt, who was there, and what was happening. Did the dream leave you with a happy feeling? If not, why? The best way to benefit from dreams is to write them down immediately after they happen, with every single detail, and including how you felt about what was taking place.

The Spirit Guides Network

I have also learned that spirit guides will communicate with us through others. Whenever you have the simplest conversation or experience with other people, their spirit guides are communicating with yours and comparing life goals. Whenever they can they will cooperate to foster or suggest communication or suggestions that will help both people in some way. It may be a stray comment you overhear while shopping, at work, or at school – a comment that offers a different way to view whatever’s on your mind at the moment. These events are never random, always synchronistic.

Hopefully the examples I have offered here will help you to recognize more spirit communication in your own life.
19 Feb 2017 - kaya, Mesa wrote:
Well written. Nothing I dont already know or believe but written simply enough for anyone to understand. The idea that we chose our spirit guides before we came in this lifetime....leaves me thinking..I know that we make contracts with others before we come in... but choosing these spirit guides is a new thought for me to entertain..
thanks for sharing
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