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What Happens After Death?

by Myke Wolf
Ideas about what happens after death have pervaded civilizations and religions for as far back in time as we have written records. These ideas cover the gamut from eternal punishment or reward, to cycles of reincarnation that provide opportunities to grow. The one thing that is clear is that the great majority of mankind has an innate sense that there IS a continuation of life after the expiration of the physical human body.

Having been raised as a Christian, I didn’t believe in past lives or reincarnation, and I never realized the undue stress this doctrine put upon me. I felt immense pressure to get everything “right” in this one, single lifetime to avoid eternal damnation in a fiery hell. Yet at the same time, this level of judgment and permanent punishment didn’t gel with the concept of a fair and loving God – it always felt like a contradiction to me.

I have had a variety of experiences which have shown me glimpses of what happens in between lives. This has been a combination of past life regression, vivid dreams, and conversations or experiences that occurred through clairaudience and clairvoyance.

After my very first past life regression session, when vivid and emotional memories of life as a young Native American in the 1700’s came to the surface of my awareness, I began to notice a sense of peace within me. I recognized that I had truly been that person hundreds of years ago. And in that realization, I became aware that I have been here before, and will be here again. The Christian doctrine that we are here for a one-shot trial to earn an enjoyable immortality was replaced by a realization that we come for a progression of lifetimes to experience, learn and grow. My soul felt peaceful with that realization, and I was able to relax and focus on pursuits other than “salvation.”

So what does happen after death? I have seen my death in only one lifetime, when I was poisoned in 1828. I recall attempting unsuccessfully to inhale through a suddenly closed throat. I remember being confused about why I suddenly could not breathe, while feeling embarrassed because I was in the middle of an important conversation and had been stopped mid-sentence. The next moment, I was watching my own body fall to the floor from a position I would describe as ceiling-height, as if watching it happen to someone else in a movie, my lifeless face frozen in a puzzled expression, my glass hitting the floor a split second after my body.

There was no pain or discomfort of any kind. The transition out of my body was instantaneous, automatic – as if my soul knew the moment of death had arrived and knew to leave the body. There was a continuity – but no transition. One moment I was watching the scene through the eyes of my human body, and the next moment I was watching the scene from outside the body.

I also noticed that as soon as I was out of the body, there were no illusions – I had a certain objectivity. I suddenly no longer cared about the conversation I’d been in the middle of – it was less important than I had considered it to be. I felt no further emotions about the situation that had just unfolded, including my death, which had been a murder. I understood exactly what had taken place, and whom the perpetrator was – but I held no anger, judgment or other emotion about the matter. I was simply aware. My death was at a party, and I waited long enough to see how the onlookers reacted to my death, and how they treated my body – again, without emotion. Then, I simply turned away from the scene and I was gone.

I realize that most of you reading this may not currently have similar awareness of your own past lives. There is a very intentional reason for that. Spirit guides intentionally limit access to past life memories. Their primary job is to keep us on track with the goals and lessons of this life. To them, past lives are just a distraction. Those lives are complete and cannot be changed, and they want to keep us moving forward. Past life memories are allowed when they serve a purpose. For me, seeing past lives has given me a solid realization, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that I am an immortal soul having a series of human lifetimes. I no longer fear death, because I realize that my soul will not remember the pain once I have disconnected from the body, and that I will simply continue on – in a new body.

I have also seen what happened just prior to this lifetime. I recall scenes from visiting my parents before my birth – seeing my mother as a teenager. We know our family and friends long before birth, and in most cases have had past lives with them before. I recall planning aspects of this lifetime with souls who would be my friends and family. In particular, I remember being in a theater and watching movies about the gay lifestyle with two friends – apparently that was a new thing I would experience in this lifetime and we were getting exposure to it before incarnating. (I’m sure that souls don’t actually watch movies in a theater in the spiritual plane … but that is how it was shown to me.)

One of the most interesting scenes was my actual return to Earth. I saw a somewhat dramatic scene. The Earth floated like a gigantic, vivid globe in black, endless space. As I watched, 2 shimmering, translucent ribbons marked with symbols floated around the Earth. One ribbon formed a circle floating above the equator, slowing turning around the Earth. The second ribbon also encircled the Earth, but tilted at an angle. I had just said “goodbye” to other souls lined up behind me and I stood at the edge of an invisible platform, with infinite space below me. I carefully watched the symbols on the ribbons as they turned. I was watching them for a certain alignment – I knew that it was my choice when and where I would be born, and I had a certain intention. I watched the ribbons slowly turn until their symbols aligned in a specific way – then I simply jumped off the platform and dove towards Earth, and that scene ended.

This past summer, I learned a bit more about the afterlife. A friend of mine that died about twenty years ago has been very accessible to me in dreams, as well as clairaudient/clairvoyant conversations. This summer I finally became curious about his ability to communicate with me post-death. He explained that he was one of the very first from his soul group to die. He was able to make a choice to stay close to the Earth plane and assist others in his soul group with the rest of their lives. According to him, he is voluntarily in an “in-between” place. When more of his soul group has died, he will “cross over” as he describes it. At that point he will experience his own review of his own life from the perspective of whether or not he completed his life goals / lessons. Then he will be pre-occupied with his next life, and won’t be able to communicate with the living in the same way. What I find interesting is that he retains the personality he had in this life – he jokes with me that I’m aging but he’s not, and likes to give me relationship advice – yet he has a broader perspective about what my life goals are, and what life is about, and he’s able to “coach” me. Sometimes in dreams we have long conversations but I’m only allowed to remember part of them when I wake. I do find it interesting we are able to choose when we cross over and experience our life review.

As a result of these experiences, I have achieved a greater sense of peace with life. I have learned that the afterlife is a place where things don’t change – we come here and incarnate for excitement. I have also learned that the afterlife isn’t about eternal punishment or reward – because judgment is a lower dimensional experience that doesn’t exist in the higher vibrational planes of the spirit world. We aren’t trying to live up to some entity’s expectations of us – we are free to learn and grow by choice over countless lifetimes and experiences.

I have also learned that the spirit world is our true home, because we are immortal souls, which are non-physical spiritual entities. The lower dimensions, including the physical worlds, is where we come to have experiences that we can’t have without incarnating. Here, in a physical body and a physical world, usually without memories of past lives, we can be immersed in the illusion that this physical plane is the reality, when in fact it is only a chosen experience.

If you have a curiosity about the afterlife or related topics, I encourage you to pursue it for yourself. Curiosity is why I began this journey, and I did reach a point where that curiosity was replaced with peace. You always have a right to know the truth, and if you set an intention to learn the truth, it will always be answered. You will attract experiences that allow you to reach your own conclusions. Dreams are the easiest and most common way to receive communication from the spirit world, since our critical minds are silent then. So one way to begin would be setting your intention and spending about five minutes thinking about your questions in bed before falling asleep … and journaling your dreams as soon as you wake up (even if it’s still nighttime).
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