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Where do Souls Come From?

channeled by Myke Wolf
I asked Mary about the origin of souls, and what the Holy Spirit is ...
Spirit is that which ENCOMPASSES all and KNOWS all.

Spirit has many facets, but there is only one Spirit.

Souls are born of a particular FACET of Spirit and are sent forth like a spark for an individual and unique purpose.

All souls achieve their purpose – for the Divine Plan of Creator is PERFECT.

Spirit creates souls; souls create LIFE.

Souls determine HOW and WHEN they achieve their purpose. That is when they discover that they have returned to Spirit.

Souls prefer play over “work”, but it is within play that they come closer to achieving their purpose.

[What is the “Holy Spirit”?]

Dear child, what Spirit is NOT holy? What SOUL is not holy? What ANIMAL is not holy? For ALL is part of Creator; is that not how you DEFINE holy? To use that word is lower dimensional, because it differentiates – it separates – it implies something else within creation is NOT holy, and that is not truth. You would do well to learn the origins of that word …

Say out loud the word “holy” … how does that feel? Now say “divine” … how does THAT feel? You will FEEL the difference, for the SOUL KNOWS … divinity RESIDES WITHIN you.
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