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Life is Like a Video Game

by Myke Wolf
One evening this summer, my spirit guides began a conversation with me using this title: “Life is Like a Video Game.”

At first I thought they were joking – which they sometimes do. I’m not always in the mood to listen, so instead I flipped on the TV. The show that was on at that moment was an interview, mid-sentence talking about video games. I have learned to heed synchronicities when they occur – so I flipped off the TV and allowed my spirit guides to continue. Here is my paraphrased version of that conversation.
What do you do in a typical video game? You pick an avatar to represent yourself, you choose certain characteristics and skills for yourself, you immerse yourself in a fantasy world, and you set out on some mission or quest. Along the way you may have teammates, playing from their own computers at home. You also encounter other players, and you gather more clues, objects and skills to help you on your quest. You either complete your quest, or you die.

What happens when you die in a video game before completing your quest? Easy – you pick a new avatar and jump back in where you left off! Or, based on how you were killed, you choose a new strategy, and select a different restart point. Either way, you are twice as determined to complete your original quest, and now you are “armed” with a better understanding of how the game works.

When you are done – when you’ve finished your quest – what do you do? You high-five or fist bump your friends and cheer your success. Then you go to work, or school, or out to play, in your “real life”. Later you might choose another quest, or play a different game altogether.

Do you see the analogy? You are your soul, the avatar is your human self, and the gaming environment is the Earth plane. You are completely immersed – visually, emotionally, mentally – in the game as your avatar while playing the game. Yet you always know that it’s a temporary created reality. You also know that you have unlimited lives in which to complete any quest you choose, because you can always come back into the game as a different avatar. You are completely aware that if you die or are injured in the game, your “real” self – your human self playing the game – is perfectly safe from the fake dangers within the game.

That is the perspective of the soul: understanding that it can enter the game (life), choose an avatar (body), choose a quest (life goals), learn along the way (evolve), and finally win – only to start again (incarnate) with a new quest, and more experience.

To see our lives from the perspective of our soul requires a certain amount of detachment, as exemplified by a video game. We can be 100% involved and participating in our own lives while still maintaining an awareness of life from a detached perspective. Surviving and succeeding in a video game requires our full attention, and quick responses. However, if the phone rings, we know we can simply pause the game to answer the call. We are fully immersed without ever losing realization of the fact that it’s just a game which we’re putting our entire attention into.

It is that detachment which provides the perspective to ride out the unexpected occurrences that we so often face in life. Detachment provides the opportunity for us to learn from experiences instead of feeling harmed. Detachment also aligns us more with the soul, by helping us to view life from the soul’s perspective. This should not be confused with denial – the key is to be detached in perspective, while acknowledging and experiencing life events emotionally, participating fully in your own life. What’s the difference? Simple – living and experiencing daily life, but without the illusion that this single human life (video game) and its events are the whole sum of your existence. The body is temporary, but the soul – your consciousness – is immortal. The ability to achieve this perspective can lift you above being buffeted around by life’s events – it can ground you.

Detachment also allows you to remember that “you” ARE the soul. Your body is not you – it is a temporary vessel or vehicle – it is your avatar. It is easy, and natural, to accept your physical self, including the mind and its thoughts, and your emotions, as the larger part of your existence. The Earth plane is very convincing as reality, when in fact it is simply the game environment. The more realistic the game, the more believable it is as a reality, and the more immersed we become. The reality is that you are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.

Is Earth a game, or a school?

Earlier in life, raised in the Christian religion, I viewed life as our one-and-only chance to “earn” eternal life. When I became aware of my past lives, and began to look at life spiritually without the doctrines of a religion, I adopted the popular spiritual viewpoint that life is a school where we come for a series of lifetimes to learn a sequence of lessons.

Does that sound fun to you? I can remember my excitement the last day of school – spending five days a week sitting in a desk being taught had not been MY idea of fun as a teenager! I was far more interested in embracing life as an independent, decision-making adult – and all the fun experiences I would be able to choose for myself, all the adventures I could have without parental interference.

When I first began listening to my spirit guides in 2006, they referred to this life as “The Earth Game” and “The Great Adventure.” They described Earth as one of the most exciting games in the galaxy, a game that souls line up to play. At that time I was in the middle of bankruptcy and foreclosure, so it didn’t feel much like a game to me, it felt much more like a lesson, and I couldn’t imagine that I willingly came here and chose this. They chided me for being short-sighted and told me I was having a self-pity party. They were right – once I had released my onerous debts, I experienced a freedom I haven’t felt since college, and life was suddenly more peaceful and enjoyable. From that point they began to show me that I had created the financial situation, and that I created a different one, a more pleasing one – that of financial freedom – just as easily.

So - is Earth a game, or a school? In one sense, it is both. Both teach something – you have to learn how a video game works in order to succeed. The difference is that with a video game, what you learn is incidental to the experience. You play a video game to beat it and win. You want to have the fun experience of mastering and winning the game. So along the way, in the pursuit of winning, you learn what you need for that goal. School is purely about learning something you may or may not use later in life.

So I now view life more like a video game than a school. My life is an experience my soul chose to have. My soul chose this body, my personality and character traits, my family, and all other aspects of my life. And while immersed in the game, I create and attract the realities I’m exposed to, and I choose how I perceive and experience that reality. What I learn along the way is how to interact with others and how to create and attract more enjoyable experiences. I am an immortal soul coupled with a created and temporary human body (my avatar) in order to have this physical and sensual lifetime experience.

Then – what exactly are we here to experience? As a soul between incarnations, in the spirit realm, we are not subject to illusions such fear or lack of love. Only while incarnating in the lower densities, which are created “realities”, can we experience illusions such as lack, strife, or hardship. As we evolve during many lifetimes here, our souls learn to remain in a state of unconditional love. At that point we have won the game. Our vibration is too high to evolve further through Earthly lifetimes. Once the soul has mastered the game, to play again would be boring. Our souls crave growth through experience. So we either stay just a bit longer to teach and assist others (in body or as a spirit), and we eventually move on to other planes beyond Earth for other kinds of lifetimes and experiences. The Universe is infinite in its variety – souls are never bored.

Oh – and the beauty of this video game we call life? Everyone wins – there are no losers. All consciousness (all souls) are designed to evolve into a state of perpetual, unconditional love, and every one of us takes a unique path to accomplish this. My spirit guides call this the “Divine Plan.”
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