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Regarding Your Immortality

written by Myke Wolf
Look in the mirror; what do you see? You see your body, your physical being – the lesser part of who you really are. The greater part of you, your soul, is immortal. Do you ever think about yourself in that way? We usually don’t because we live in a physical/mental world on this emotionally-driven, life-long journey. And after this life is over, when the body is finished, we continue on to our next adventure.

I was raised in a religious environment that taught we have only one life, one chance to “get it right”. When I began to explore my spiritual nature more deeply, I chose to have a series of past life regression sessions. My very first session was truly a game changer for me. I wasn’t a powerful, pampered pharaoh, a great healer, or a world-renowned teacher – I was a simple but happy Native American in the 1700’s, until a tragedy changed my life. My society didn’t allow me to express my emotions as a male, I was expected to show strength, and my soul carried that painful memory, unresolved, into this lifetime. In that session, I felt the deep, old pain from that tragedy – and released it. I wasn’t expecting or prepared for such an intense experience, and I didn’t expect to see vivid details from another life as if they were memories from my own childhood in this lifetime.

After that one session, I noticed a change in myself. I felt more confident, more relaxed, less worried about minutia. Why? Because I had seen myself in another life, hundreds of years ago. Those were MY feelings and emotions – it was MY experience. I felt the intense connection to that life – and I fully realized that it was ME IN A DIFFERENT BODY. It is one thing to believe that something like immortality is a fact. It is entirely different to FEEL it. That single past life regression session showed me that part of me – my soul – is continuous, and is only temporarily connected to one body or another. It was a tremendous shift in perspective that has changed how I view life, and death.

I found that I no longer feared death. I was not aware that I worried about death until the worry was gone, it was a latent fear. Once I saw that my consciousness does not die with my body, the fear vanished, and I felt more relaxed in my approach to life overall.

This body is temporal; the soul is immortal, and our experiences are cumulative sequentially in Earth-time. I’ve had other lives between that Native American experience and this life, and many of those lives were tainted by the unresolved pain I carried for so long.

What does immortality mean? It means that after this life, you’ll review (as a soul) what personal goals you did and didn’t achieve, and why. You’ll FEEL the impact you had on the lives of others. You’ll relive and re-experience all the joys you had. Then you’ll meet with your soul group and spirit guides, and immediately begin planning out your next life – which may or may not be as a human on planet Earth. There are countless worlds, dimensions and planes – civilizations, species, and adventures – creation simply never ends.

What doesn’t happen? Judgment. As a soul, the only regrets you feel will be self-induced. You won’t be diverted to a heaven or a hell based upon your life. The only expectation Creator has for us is that we grow, which is inevitable by design anyways. All consciousness evolves; it is designed to seek and attain its own ascension. Every soul is impulsed to ascension, and we all get there eventually. This requires many lifetimes; what would be the point of punishment or judgment after a single lifetime? The only judge you will face upon death is yourself – in your life review. You won’t punish yourself – you will simply consider what to do differently next time, so that you feel better about it.

There is only one spirit world, one All-That-Is, and we all go there between lives – because it is where we truly live. The enduring part of us never truly leaves the spirit world. The soul is non-physical, and requires bodies to have experiences here; your soul is always safe and sound in the spirit world, regardless of what happens to the body.

An excellent analogy to human life from a soul’s perspective is playing a video game. There are many out there, so we have to choose which one we do first – usually one we know we can master with time and experience. Then we create a character – an avatar – and we become immersed in the adventure presented by the game. We interact with the avatars of others. If we die, we simply choose a new avatar, jump back into the game with renewed resolve to “win” without getting killed, and of course we have the advantage of prior trial-and-error which has taught us how to better play the game. We learn the game through cumulative experience – just like life.

We might get emotionally wrapped up in the game – but when it’s time to go to work or school, meet up with friends, play with the dog or do laundry, we simply walk away from the game, because our life is much larger in scope than the video game. In the same way, our soul takes our current life very seriously, but also understands the greater scope of our existence.

Do you think of life as a school, or as an adventure? Personally, I didn’t enjoy school all that much, so I prefer the latter. It keeps me from taking life too seriously. I like to think we come here for the experience, not for lessons, and that we simply learn along the way. It’s a much lighter perspective on life, and it reminds me to enjoy the journey along the way.

When you look in that mirror every morning, shaving or styling your hair or putting on makeup, what do you see? Do you focus on things you would like to change? Perhaps you would like more hair, straighter teeth, different complexion? Or do you see the body that your soul has picked as being the perfect one to suit your true purpose and intention for this lifetime? Do you see your body as the vehicle housing the “real” you – your soul?

You are far, far more than what you see in that mirror; and sometime in the future, you will be staring at an entirely different face in another mirror. You might be male or female, Caucasian or Indian, a king or a citizen; but it will still be you – because your consciousness is eternal.
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