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Creative Visualization

How to properly use your imagination to create

by Myke Wolf
Your imagination is a portal to your dreams – it is a tool for you to visualize those dreams into reality through conscious creation and the law of attraction. Imagination is probably the most direct technique of practical conscious creation. Here are 5 steps for manifesting your dreams into reality.
I had heard of creative visualization and “dream board” techniques long before I heard of conscious creation. These are different methods of imagining what you want in life. They often use visual aids like pictures cut from magazines that represent what you want, and placing them on a board or refrigerator.

I always had the impression that these techniques don’t work, primarily because I never saw people acquire the mansions, boats and sports cars they hoped for. So I was quite surprised when my spirit guides encouraged me to use visualization techniques for conscious creation in my own life – and they offered very specific instructions for successful creative visualization:

1 – Choose.

You will create most readily from the strongest desires of the soul. The soul never has a desire for a yacht or a flashy sports car. The soul seeks to experience itself it certain kinds of interactions with others – relationships and experiences are everything. Things are merely the stage props to these experiences. Focus on the feeling that you want to result from the experiences you want to create and attract.

Visualize yourself reacting to these experiences as if they were real, FEEL them, and in doing this you magnetize these experiences to you.

2 – Feel.

Feeling is the secret ingredient. We create from feeling, and feelings are how we express our desires to the Universe. Picture yourself as if reacting to actual scenarios, and FEEL it. Don’t focus on the “things” – they are just props. Include them, but focus on the feeling you want to experience. Recall the way you felt from a similar past experience to project the way you want to feel. Allow yourself to feel genuinely excited about what you are creating and attracting. Feelings like excitement and passion are very high vibrations, and the higher the vibration the more quickly we create and attract.

3 – Texturize.

Be detailed! Texturize and embellish your dreams! The more real your imagination, the easier it is to feel it and create from it.

4 – Believe.

Believe that you are creating and attracting a version of your dreams. Believe that you are deserving of the experiences you desire. Believe that it is possible to create and attract them. You won’t attract what you don’t feel that you deserve. Before you attract what you visualize, you may find the Universe presenting situations to expose areas where you lack the belief to attract. If so – see the message – identify and release your limiting beliefs.

5 – Expect.

Expect to begin experiencing synchronicities that lead you in a certain direction. Carrying this expectation infuses your aura, which assists in the Law of Attraction. Holding this dream close to the surface of our thoughts throughout the day speeds up the attraction. Understand that the Universe is co-creative, so when we attract experiences we have consciously and intentional created, they will usually not manifest exactly the way that we expect. The Universe will always present a more perfect and fulfilling version of our dreams.
Mary - Of Building Dreams
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